Brand concept

The brand concept is clothing that brings out the wearer's inner self.

A carefully calculated silhouette.
Materials are carefully selected with comfort in mind.

The true beauty and richness can be seen in the pursuit of simple design.

Less is more.
Less is more.

Nowadays, when everything is overflowing, it is an accessory that brings out your individuality and charm.

We propose a special piece for you that can be worn for a long time, transcending the changes of the times.


The clothes that our concept enhances the inside of the person wearing it.

Closely well-thought silhouette.
Selection of material which considered good comfort.

It shows the earlier original beauty and richness in pursuit of a simple design.

Less is more.

As accessories enhancing your individuality and charm now that every thing overflows,

Across the change of the times.
I suggest the special for you who are worn for a long time.